Company organized trip to Xiˊan on Sep 24th,2012.

    On Sep 24th of 2012,Wuxi Lahigh Engineering Designing Co.,Ltd organized a trip to Xiˊan.

    We visited the oldest and the most complete ancient wall and drum tower square.And experienced the local characteristics.

    On second day,we visited the tomb of two kings, Yongtai Princess Tomb,Yide Prince Tomb, Zhanghuai Prince Tomb. In the afternoon we visited the Sariputta and Tang Period treasure.

    On the third day, we visited the Terra-Cotta Warriors museum of the first emperor of Qin.

    On the forth day,we visited Shanxi History Museum, Ming National Relics Park to feel the Tang culture.

    Past is history, today is continued. We will put our abundant energy and high enthusiasm to the future work to develop the company.



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