LAHIGH's work conference of 2013

    Say goodbye to the unforgettable year of 2012,welcome new 2013. On Jan 25th, all the employees all together, rellected the ten yearsˊ fighting experience, and look forward to Lahighˊs future。

  In 2013, all of us will insist the policy of “ Focusing on innovation to improve competitiveness and explore new market”, clear the purposes like market development, project management,human resource, financial and financing,well operation of Kaimengte Company and others, to make Lahigh to be a high speed developing hi-tech enterprise。

     On the celebration party in 2013,Lahigh employee send the blessing to company and colleges in their own styles,such as The Highest Lahigh Style, interesting games, excited lottery and dazzling magic。 In the new year, Lahigh employee will put their abundant energy and high enthusiasm to the future work。

     The year of 2013 is a new starting, Lahigh employee will provide first class service to the clients。We are full of confidence and creating new future。



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