Celebration on the 10th Anniversary of LAHIGH

    In the long universal history, one decade is such a short moment. However, this decade embodies a pioneering story of endeavor and dedication for LAHIGH. It has witnessed LAHIGH growing into a mature enterprise, from ordinary start to grand success. On September 2, 2003, China, LAHIGH was founded on this land of opportunities and challenges. One decade has passed, on the same day ten years later, the General Manager of LAHIGH held a symposium on democratic appraisal with new employees, which will bring in a series of activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LAHIGH.

    During the symposium, all attendees presented their viewpoints and suggestions actively on heated issues such as creation of enterprise culture, development of R&D projects and exploration of new markets etc. The symposium ended in a free and harmonious atmosphere.

    In retrospect to the past and look into the future, it has a profound significance to list democratic appraisal with new employees as a prelude of celebration: New point, new beginning. Ten years is just a little phase for our company. To be a century enterprise is our everlasting task. We are still on the way with passion and dedication to prepare another magnificent chapter of LAHIGH in following decades.



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