DKEC has R&D centers, marketing centers, design and equipment manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Wuxi, and New York respectively. We are an engineering technology group company integrating chemical engineering, environmental protection technology R&D, engineering design, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and general engineering contracting services.
Congratulations on the Success of 2015 LAHIGH & CENMONT Annual Economic Working Conference

On January 29th, 2015, 2015 Wuxi Lahigh Engineering Design Co., Ltd and Wuxi Cenmont Automatic Control Co., Ltd Annual Economical Situation Analysis Conference was grandly held. The conference was held by CEO Mr. Dong Junming and the top and middle managers and key staff participated.

 During the conference, after every VP delivered annual working report, the CEO delivered annual working report whose report concluded all the work in 2014, analyzed current economical situation and the chances and challenges that LAHIGH confronted, and assigned working tasks of 2015. The CEO emphasized the persistence and core value of LAHIGH STRATEGY will be continually carried out.

In 2014, our company achieved breakthrough in developing overseas marketing. Concerning our country’s current economical situation and the national policy of going out, our company made it clearer that we will further gather sources to explore and expand overseas market. In the meantime, LAHIGH firmed the determination to go overseas and develop into international company as it is always the development strategy.

 For the purpose of adapting to future development, the CEO especially emphasized the importance of bringing in talents and made higher requirements and expected more of existing personnel, in addition, LAHIGH would do the best to provide an individual development platform and ensure the staffs’ privileges to bonus of company’s achievements.

The conference is significant for it pointed out a clear direction of the company’s future, inspired the morale, enhanced the staff’s sense of belonging, pride and cohesion and laid a solid foundation for future rapid development in 2015. In the New Year, all LAHIGH people will unite as one and work together to write a magnificent chapter of LAHIGH NEW ERA.