DKEC has R&D centers, marketing centers, design and equipment manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Wuxi, and New York respectively. We are an engineering technology group company integrating chemical engineering, environmental protection technology R&D, engineering design, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and general engineering contracting services.
DKEC Attend the Wuxi Science and Technology Innovation Women's Action Promotion Conference

  On December 8th, the Wuxi Municipal Government held the Science and Technology Innovation Women's Action Promotion Conference, which was attended by over 150 female representatives from scientific research and female entrepreneurs across the city. Our General Manager, Dong Yuedan, was honored with the Women's Science and Technology Innovation Star award and was invited to attend the conference.



  DKEC Chemical Group is an engineering technology (group) company that integrates chemical industry, environmental technology research and development, engineering design, environmental equipment manufacturing, and engineering contracting services. The company is committed to providing global customers with energy-saving and environmentally friendly advanced technology equipment and high-quality engineering technical services. It possesses nearly 100 patented technologies.Its subsidiary, Eastern General Equipment Jiangsu Co., Ltd., has obtained 15 patents and 26 software copyrights since its establishment in 2019. In 2020, it was selected as the "Binhu Light" project in Wuxi. In 2021, it was selected for the "Provincial Double Innovation" and "Taihu Talent Plan" projects in Wuxi. In 2022, it was included in the national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise list and recognized as a Wuxi Young Eagle Enterprise. In the same year, it was awarded the title of Jiangsu Province Software Enterprise.



  The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out, "Adhering to innovation as the core of China's overall modernization construction." DKEC Chemical Group and its subsidiary companies deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. They will always uphold the corporate culture spirit of "strict design, bold innovation," and consistently regard technological innovation as the core competitiveness of the company. They are firmly committed to promoting high-quality development of the company and talents, and strive to become a leader in the chemical and environmental protection industry.With great enthusiasm and determination, they will continue to make practical contributions to the construction of a "strong, prosperous, beautiful, and high-quality" new Wuxi with their wisdom and strength.