DKEC has R&D centers, marketing centers, design and equipment manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Wuxi, and New York respectively. We are an engineering technology group company integrating chemical engineering, environmental protection technology R&D, engineering design, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, and general engineering contracting services.
DKEC Group 2024 Work Conference held ceremoniously

   As the sun and moon move forward, the years follow their cycle of renewal. 

  On January 21, 2024, DKEC Group's 2024 Work Conference was ceremoniously held in the picturesque town of Nianhuawan, Wuxi.


  In 2023, entering the 'Top Ten in the Commerce and Trade Service Industry' was the best tribute to the company on its 'Twentieth Anniversary.' Every step of DKEC's development is inseparable from the efforts and contributions of each DKEC individual. Proficient in engineering for two decades, together we forge a new DKEC with unity of hearts.


   At the meeting, Mr. Dong Junming, the General Manager, provided a comprehensive summary of the work in 2023 from the perspective of the group company. He emphasized the following three important points.

1.     Regardless of the stormy waves, remain calmly seated on the fishing platform.

(1) Maintain a stable mindset: We must resolutely avoid a passive attitude.

(2) Stabilize the foundation: Epoxy resin and BPA technology are our core competitive strengths, our foundation.

(3) The international market requires us to go global.

(4) Further develop core competitive products.

(5) Amidst the lamentations in the field of environmental protection, we must exert effort and emerge as a formidable force.

      2.  Managing the Relationship Between 1 and 2.

      (1) Design must adhere to the principle that 1+1=2, being strict in design. Unfamiliar knowledge points should be integrated, and projects that have not been undertaken before should be executed to perfection.

      (2) The prerequisite for successful EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) is ensuring that 1+1=2; only then do we  have  the capability to progress from 1 to 2. If 1+1 is not managed effectively, 2 might regress to 1.

      (3) EPC project management should focus on planning key milestones; planning should be integrated throughout the entire project process.

      3.  In the complex and ever-changing social environment, correctly handle relationships with interested parties.

      (1) Behave correctly and perform tasks correctly; this is the foundation for handling matters confidently.

      (2) If others do not bother me, I will not bother them; avoid causing trouble for others and for oneself.

   The company's development and achievements are inseparable from "talent" and "innovation," which are the two main driving forces behind the DKEC's growth. We prioritize talent, value their independent innovative capabilities, and emphasize their value creation abilities. The individual's success is primarily determined by internal factors, with external factors playing a role through these internal dynamics. The company has created an environment conducive to individual growth, including both physical infrastructure and the overall atmosphere.

    By optimizing incentive systems, as of the end of 2023, the group successfully applied for and secured approval for numerous government projects in various sectors. These include designations such as "National High-Tech Enterprise," "Large-scale Enterprise," "Headquarters Enterprise," "National Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise," "Jiangsu Province Specialized and New Small and Medium-sized Enterprise," "Jiangsu Province Software Enterprise," "Wuxi Gazelle Enterprise," "Wuxi Eagle Enterprise," "Wuxi Epoxy Resin and Upstream and Downstream Engineering Technology Research Center," "Wuxi Volatile Organic Waste Gas Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center," "Jiangsu Province Double Innovation Talents," "Wuxi Taihu Talents," and "Wuxi Binhu Light Talents".

    In the field of technological innovation, talent recruitment, and development, DKEC's achievements have received high recognition from national, provincial, municipal, and district-level departments such as the Science and Technology Department and the Organization Department.



   In 2024, a year filled with hope and strength, we continue to uphold the principles of "strict in design, bold in innovation, and pursuit of excellence." Together, we unite to forge a new DKEC, a new chapter, and new brilliance.

   For more highlights from the annual conference, stay tuned here.